26 February 2021


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If you are interested to know anything concerning law and how certain laws are applied in Malaysia, you can check out  https://norhafeezlaw.blogspot.com. However, it needs to be noted that the blog is entirely in Malay (due to its target audience). The purpose of this blog is to share some basic information about various laws and how it is applied in Malaysia. 


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25 December 2010

Abstained Agogo - No.Nine:


20 December 2010

Abstained Agogo: I Am Not Voting.

1- Yes. I am not a registered voter. Why? Its a choice. My "political" friends kept bugging me to register as a registered voter. So I asked them why? So that my "voice" can be heard. What if I chose not to vote? Then I have to live with it. I can not complaint and I can not say anything because I have failed to exercise my rights. FFFUUUU...

2- First of all, Barisan Nasional is full of shit and everybody knows that. The Malay, Chinese and Indian faction of Barisan Nasional are all equally full of shit. The alternative? Fuckutan Riot? Give me a break. Do you think that megalomaniac Anwar Ibrahim will be able to run this country to the benefit of the people? I highly doubt that.

3- Thus I chose to vote for a non existent candidate, and since he or she is non existence thus her name would not appear on the voting poll. I chose not to vote because not voting is also a vote. A vote against all the candidates. Do not act like you do not have any choice my friends.

4- Whatever it is, the brutal truth is nobody gives a fuck about the people. Not the Barisan Nasional nor the Fuckutan Riot. Thats the ugly truth. So why bother giving shits about them?