25 December 2010

Abstained Agogo - No.Nine:


20 December 2010

Abstained Agogo: I Am Not Voting.

1- Yes. I am not a registered voter. Why? Its a choice. My "political" friends kept bugging me to register as a registered voter. So I asked them why? So that my "voice" can be heard. What if I chose not to vote? Then I have to live with it. I can not complaint and I can not say anything because I have failed to exercise my rights. FFFUUUU...

2- First of all, Barisan Nasional is full of shit and everybody knows that. The Malay, Chinese and Indian faction of Barisan Nasional are all equally full of shit. The alternative? Fuckutan Riot? Give me a break. Do you think that megalomaniac Anwar Ibrahim will be able to run this country to the benefit of the people? I highly doubt that.

3- Thus I chose to vote for a non existent candidate, and since he or she is non existence thus her name would not appear on the voting poll. I chose not to vote because not voting is also a vote. A vote against all the candidates. Do not act like you do not have any choice my friends.

4- Whatever it is, the brutal truth is nobody gives a fuck about the people. Not the Barisan Nasional nor the Fuckutan Riot. Thats the ugly truth. So why bother giving shits about them? 

17 December 2010

Abstained Agogo - It Has Been A While:

1- What's new pussy cat? Nothing really. It is indeed an amazing feeling that I am still getting orders for Abstained Agogo Fanzine. It is indeed an amazing feeling that I managed to sell Abstained. If I can trade satisfaction with a pot of gold, most probably I'll be filthily wealthy by now. So what's next?

2- Will there be another issue of Abstained? There were some endless pokes and taunts between me and my co editor, Azril Yatim about the ninth issue of Abstained. Will it ever materialize? Yes. When? I do not know. But there will definitely be another issue. Definitely. It is the answer to when that remains indefinite. 

3- I have already informed my other co editor, Dhani Ahmad Faisal, if we were to release the ninth issue, we would maintain the price. RM5.00 by hand and some stamps if by post. But this time around, we shall be adding 20 extra pages to the current 60. Your moneys worth. 

4- Stay tuned.